Audiobook file ( .aa or .aax)  that you  downloaded from the can be only played on few media devices that Audible proved. You can’t play it with your own MP3 player or mobile phone directly.  So,  how to remove the restriction and enjoy freely. Well, you are in the right place, this blog will show you the easiest way to get it done.

convert aa to mp3 format

To make the preparation, you need to download a professional  AA to MP3 converter that will help you to eliminate the DRM protection and then convert  to MP3 format.

Download DRM Converter for Windows here, and follow the video guide as below:

Step 1: Import the Files

Install the application on your pc and run it, locate the AA or AAX files the place from your computer, click the “Add” button to import files.

How to Audible AA to mp3

Step 2: Output Configuration

Select the mp3 as the output format from the “Audio Files To” drop down list.

Option: If you’re unsatisfied with the default setting, you can adjust the effects of the audio with the “Setting” button drop down list, it is possible to configure the audio effect in your own way. The “Browse” choice is for you to save the converted files where suitable for you, if you do nothing within this option, the audio files will most likely be stored in the default path.


Step 3: Start the Conversion

After you have done this all, just click the “Start” button the conversion will begin.

In case you have no time to wait for the DRM removing processing, just select the “Shutdown PC When Finished” option. Once the entire processing is finished, that means you’ve removed the DRM protection from the audiobook files, you can now play them directly on your mp3 player or any media devices. 

Tips: The “Find Target” button is for you to locate the converted files quickly when the conversion is done.